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Industry Research Reports

Synergy’s Power and Energy Sector & Industry Research Reports

Synergy Publications' Power and Energy Sector and Industry Research Reports provide in-depth information, insightful analyses, perceptive overviews, uncluttered facts, studied trends and timely updates across the entire power and energy sector spectrum.  Every publication will be a standalone piece of inestimable value to users.

What’s in it?

Riveting researched technical and commercial overviews and analyses of the key new trends & developments in the future system sunrise areas of P & E sectors as well as in the industry.

  • A close look at various players and analyses of their performances.
  • Opinion pieces based on hard facts and flawless figures to help make informed business decisions.
  • Techno commercial analysis and reporting to give down to earth implementable strategies and planss.
  • Total systems and analytics process and projects and help benchmark existing practices and determine look ahead implementations strategies and action plans in the subject area of research.

Why use it?

Understand future growth areas of business and strategies to be bench marked among the best in the area of research.

  • Be ahead of industry and technology trends.
  • Make sound business plans, be it for launch or expansion; and provide strategic leadership in the P & E sector key areas.

Who can use?

  • CEOs/COOs/CTOs/CFO's/Directors
  • Senior decision makers and Managers
  • Financiers/venture capitalists
  • Leaders of industry bodies, federations etc.
  • Consultants and project integrators.

Why Synergy?

  • Synergy Research Reports are based on solid research founded on reliable data sources and penetrating analyses.
  • Our products are specially crafted to serve the individual and collective needs of individual players in the industry and the sectors as a whole.
  • Comprehensive & cost effective offerings from those closely associated with P & E sectors for long.

Our focus areas 

  • Power- Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Trading
  • Coal
  • Oil & Natural gas
  • Renewable Energy & Solar (PV/Thermal), Wind, Hydro, Bio resources, Wastes, Geothermal, Tidal and others.

Synergy Publications Research Reports strive to be the best in industry overviews, industry & projects aggregates, financials & their comparisons, market performance data, updates on policies, regulations and procedures. Peppered with advanced research and industry news, profiles of major companies, and above all, means to enhance and create stakeholder value.